A/C Repair Service Near New Orleans, LA

Close up view of a vehicle's a/c

A/C Repair Service at Premier Kia of Kenner

Are you having trouble with your car’s A/C? When a vehicle’s air conditioning system wears out or breaks down, refrigerant can leak causing damage to your vehicle. Always get your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced at the first sign of trouble to avoid spending extra money. If you think your car’s A/C needs to be repaired or serviced, then stop by Premier Kia of Kenner.

Indicators That Your Vehicle’s A/C Needs Servicing

You can look for these three signs if you think something might be wrong with your vehicle’s A/C. First, hot air is blowing out of your A/C vents. This could likely mean that there is a major problem. Water can sometimes get into your A/C and mix with coolant, causing parts of the A/C to wear away. The second sign to look for is a strange smell. A weird smell could indicate mold or a blocked drain in the evaporator case. Lastly, if your A/C isn’t blowing as hard as it used to, that could be caused by too much moisture or an airflow blockage. If you notice any of these three signs in your vehicle, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our service center.

How Often Should Your A/C Be Serviced?

In most cases, your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s air conditioning. Our expert technicians are also familiar with when it is time to have your A/C serviced. It is usually recommended that your car’s A/C be thoroughly inspected at least once a year and stop in between services if anything seems off. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s A/C, feel free to give us a call.

Professional and Reliable Service in Kenner

Before a vehicle’s A/C can be serviced or repaired, it must first go through a thorough inspection by a professional service technician. Our technicians will test your A/C’s performance, check for strange smells, and then conduct a charge test. Recharging means that if your refrigerant levels are low, our technicians can top off your vehicle’s levels or empty the old coolant, replacing it with fresh refrigerant. If any repairs are needed, our service team will go over these repairs with you before starting any work.

Trust the Team at Premier Kia of Kenner for Your Maintenance Needs

Our service team at Premier Kia of Kenner is made up of highly skilled technicians with years of service experience. Whether you need a major repair or just an oil change, you can trust that our service technicians will do an outstanding job, big or small. Did you purchase a Kia from our dealership? If so, it came with our lifetime powertrain warranty, which we honor right here at Premier Kia of Kenner. Schedule an appointment with us online or over the phone for your next routine maintenance or A/C repair. We look forward to hearing from you.

Whether you’re in the Metairie or New Orleans area, you can always trust that Premier Kia of Kenner is ready to help you with your A/C services and repairs.