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Kia Drivers Can Take Advantage of Kia Connect

Kia Connect opens a whole new world of your Kia ownership experience. Its numerous remote features will elevate your safety, security, and convenience. Premier Kia of Kenner invites you to see how their innovative technology can enhance your driving experience. The Kia Connect services will show you just how easy life can be. It provides real-time information, and with the new remote smartphone capabilities, you will stay connected like never before.

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learn more about kia connect

Kia Connect Apps

The Kia Connect App is available on Smartphones and Androids. The Smartwatch App for iOS and Android can be paired to a mobile device that has the Kia Access App. You will have the power to remotely start your engine, adjust the climate of your Kia, and even view vehicle information, all from the palm of your hand. You can keep your car ready to go by setting the temperature remotely, allowing you to heat or cool your temperature before you leave. With one tap, you can restore all your vehicle settings with ease after other people drive your vehicle. No matter who is behind the wheel, a summary report is available to let you know the average speed, distance driven, and the time the Kia was in transit, keeping you connected to your vehicle.

learn more about kia connect

Smartwatch App

learn more about kia connect

Find My Car

learn more about kia connect

Remote Climate Control

Save Time and Worry Less

Features like the ‘Find My Car’ will save time and worry by conveniently locating or getting directions to your car. No more wandering around looking in big parking areas or city streets. You can have even more peace of mind knowing you can lock and unlock your car from your smartphone, even if you are miles away. Locking your keys in your car is no longer an issue.  With the rear Occupant Alert, you will get an alert if the rear sensors detect movement after the doors have been locked, and you will be alerted whenever the vehicle’s alarm is triggered.

Other Full Control Features

The Kia Connect App can help to get the most out of your battery pack by controlling your charging progress by remotely starting, stopping, and scheduling. The new, powerful navigational tool feature provides real-time traffic data that will improve efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness. Better routing will make higher arrival time more accurate. The Kia Connect App can remotely immobilize your vehicle and track its location if it has been stolen. You can also set speed limits, idle time, area, and alert parameters. No longer be worried about the location of power stations as the App can use an online directory to display the locations of charging stations for Plug-in models as well as cost, connector types, and availability. The App will also work with gas models to find the prices of the nearest gas stations. Taking advantage of the Kia Connect App’s technology will enhance your life by not only giving you peace of mind, but you will also wonder how you ever drove without it.

Premier Kia of Kenner, conveniently located near Slidell, Metairie, and New Orleans, invites you to become a part of the Kia experience.