Cooling System Service Near Slidell, LA

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Cooling System Service at Premier Kia Of Kenner

What is the purpose of a cooling system in a vehicle? Without a cooling system, your vehicle’s engine generates enough heat to cause irreparable damage. This alone makes it a priority to keep it in top-working condition. If you think your vehicle could use cooling system services, Premier Kia of Kenner is ready to serve you with our service department of trained professionals. Conveniently located near SlidellMetairie, and New Orleans, call or book an appointment online for an inspection, service, or repair if needed.

How Does the Cooling System Work?

The cooling system comprises various parts, including the upper radiator hose, water pump, lower radiator hose, anti-freeze (also known as coolant), radiator, and several fans and pipes. All these parts work together to keep the engine from overheating, keep the engine’s temperature high enough to meet emission requirements, and provide heat in the winter. The heat created by the combustion engine is kept in check by the cooling system as it utilizes coolant (also called antifreeze) to dissipate heat. The coolant (a combination of water and antifreeze) circulates throughout the vehicle’s engine. The engine will be kept from freezing during extremely cold temperatures and stay cool no matter how hard the engine is being worked. Without coolant and antifreeze, your engine will experience severe damage that may be irreversible.

How Often Should You Schedule Cooling System Service?

Most technicians and manufacturers recommend a full cooling system service every 30.000-60,000 miles, typically every 3-5 years. A coolant flush is usually done about once a year. The coolant flush completely clears out old antifreeze with any contaminants present. Ne antifreeze is added along with conditioners to prevent rust and scale deposits. Check the owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle for guidelines. At Premier Kia of Kenner, our trained technicians can also help in determining the best maintenance schedule for your cooling system.

Signs That Your Car Needs Cooling System Service

It is easy to hear ‘Cooling System’ and think it is the same as the Air Conditioning System. Nothing is further from the truth, and this belief can be a fatal mistake for your engine as the cooling system is vital to your car’s drivability. Signs that you need a coolant flush are an overheating engine, a high-temperature gauge, leaking fluid, and a sweet scent like the smell of maple syrup. Check when you move your car; if you see a puddle of liquid, generally green or orange liquid (although it can come in different colors), the cooling system needs to be checked immediately. Any of these signs, on their own, indicate the need for immediate attention to the Cooling System.

What Is Included in a Cooling System Service?

A cooling system diagnostic will be performed to see if it is a failed thermostat or radiator problem or if your vehicle is just low on coolant. Other checks will be for leaks, cracks, worn elements, belts and hoses, and more. The used coolant fluid will be flushed, disposed of, and replaced.

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