Alignment Service in Kenner, LA – Premier Kia of Kenner

Alignment Service in Kenner, LA – Premier Kia of Kenner

Chances are, your Kia was a big investment that you want to take good care of so it will last for a long time. One way to ensure your Kia performs at its best for many years to come is to get it serviced regularly. Checking your wheel alignment is an important part of routine maintenance. For a quick and reliable alignment service, visit Premier Kia of Kenner near Lafayette, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans.

Why Wheel Alignment is Important

There are many reasons why you should not disregard your wheel alignment. It is likely that your wheels will become misaligned over time even if you drive carefully. Driving over potholes, gravel roads, and even accidents are some of the factors that contribute to misalignment and can be unavoidable. This causes uneven tire wear and can cause your vehicle to pull to one side or another.

Making sure your wheels are aligned will help you save money over time. Tires can be costly, especially if you have to replace them often. Misaligned wheels could mean your tires are not centered correctly inside the wheel wells or that they do not meet the road at a right angle. As you can imagine, this uneven wear causes premature tire damage. Other consequences can include worsening gas milage and a rougher ride.

How Alignment Checks are Done

You might be asking; how do I know when is a good time to get my wheel alignment checked? Professionals recommend going in for alignment service after you have new tires put on your Kia. This way they have the best chance of lasting a long time. If you do not receive new tires for long periods of time, experts recommend making it a habit to go check alignment either once or twice a year, depending on how often you travel on rough terrains.

The first thing our service team will check at Premier Kia of Kenner is your vehicle’s camber. Camber refers to your tires’ position when you are viewing the vehicle from the front. Tires that lean inward or outward can be caused by worn down wheel bearings or worn ball joints. This causes your tires to wear quicker either on the inside or outside than on the center. If this is something you notice, it is likely your camber is misaligned.

Toe alignment is usually the next step in checking alignment. Toe is the tires’ position from above. Tilt inwards or outwards can allude to a toe misalignment. To prevent issues with the toe, you will want to regularly check your tires’ inflation and rotate them as needed. Ask for your toe alignment to be checked if you see that your tires have uneven sharpness or smoothness.

Lastly, the caster will also be checked during an alignment service. This is viewed from the side of your Kia and refers to the angle of the steering axis. Caster misalignment can cause a stability or steering problem.

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