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Fluid Flush Service at Premier KIA of Kenner

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2022 Fluid Flush Service

Fluid Flush Service at Premier KIA of Kenner

Regular routine maintenance is critical to long-lasting reliability with your vehicle. One of those routine tasks that often gets overlooked is a fluid flush. You can get premium fluid flush service at Premier KIA of Kenner.

What is a Fluid Flush?

A fluid flush is the process by which an automotive service technician drains old, contaminated fluids from your vehicle and replaces them with new fluids. Fluids pick up dirt and debris over time and these contaminates render the old fluids less effective. Premier KIA of Kenner’s service department is at your disposal to properly render fluid flushes for your vehicle so that it continues to run smoothly.

Oil Changes

Yes, oil changes are a type of fluid flush, and this is perhaps one of the most important flushes you can get to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. Components build up in oil and oil loses its functionality. The components of your engine that benefit the lubrication the most suffer from the build up of dirt and debris. Most manufacturers recommend this procedure every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but check your owner’s manual to see that you are following manufacturer recommendations.

Transmission Flush

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most expensive components for your vehicle. A new transmission can cost a minimum of $3,500, depending on the vehicle. For your transmission to function properly it takes transmission fluid to keep your vehicle shifting smoothly. In time, dirt can build up in your transmission fluid and can cause it to become gel-like and this can seriously damage your transmission. Even a manual transmission needs a specific type of oil to keep it functioning properly. Transmission is a key component of your car, truck, or SUV’s functionality. How often this is needed depends on how your vehicles are used and what is recommended by the manufacturer.

Engine Coolant Flush

As your engine runs, it generates a lot of heat. Your engine coolant or anti-freeze helps keep your engine from heating up to the point where it can damage your vehicle. Since 2011, vehicles have been using 5- and 10-year anti-freeze variants which has lowered the frequency that this needs to be replaced. When you come in for other services, have your technician check your coolant system to ensure there are no problems that need to be addressed.

Brake Fluid Flush

This is perhaps the second most common fluid service completed. Brake fluids should be changed every 2-3 years or 24,000-36,000 miles. Brake fluid should be clear and free of dirt and debris to keep you safe. If it is brown or is smelling burnt or even worse if it is black, you need to go to your service center immediately to have your brake system serviced.

You will also want to check your owner’s manual for other fluid flush service recommendations for systems like power steering, fuel injection and rear differential flushes. Fluid flushes are an important and necessary preventative maintenance task to extend the life of your vehicle. Trust Premier KIA of Kenner, serving Kenner, New Orleans, and Metairie with all of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Call to set up your fluid flush services for your vehicle today!

Whether you’re in the Metairie, or New Orleans area, you can always trust that Premier Kia of Kenner is ready to help you with your A/C services and repairs.